Our selection of wildlife houses are designed to be both decorative and to offer a warm and dry habitat for a variety of insects.

This is just a selection of our products
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Squirrel Snacks

  • Contains sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts and nuts
  • Gives squirrels their own food source
  • Feed from the Squirrel Snack Box

Hungry Hedgehog Blend

  • Crunchy bites of balanced nutrition with vitamins and minerals
  • Feed from a ground feeder

Duck n Swan Delights

  • A floating pellet food
  • Contains proteins and minerals

Ladybird and Insect Tower

  • Rustic birch log adds a natural touch to the product
  • Soft grey roof and base
  • Provides hibernation chambers for ladybirds and other insects benefical to gardens

Squirrel Snack Box

  • Provides a separate food source for squirrels and deters them from feeding from bird feeders
  • Lid lifts up so squirrels can feed easily

Butterfly & Lacewing Hanger

  • Provides an insulated, safe space for butterflies and Insects
  • A great way to introduce kids to attracting wilidfe into a garden

Bee Honeycomb

  • Rustic log frame and natural rope for hanging
  • Natural bamboo cane cavities create warm and dry chambers for bees to nest

Bee Log

  • Rustic log allows bees to nest in natural cavities
  • Natural rope hanger and decorative bees

Happy Bee Box

  • Hanging box with natural nesting¬†cavities
  • Contrasting coloured roof and natural rope hanger

Hedgehog House

  • A safe place for hedgehogs to hibernate in
  • Genuine slate roof

Rustic Hedgehog House

  • Crafted from rustic timber with slatted style roof
  • Provides a shelter for hedgehogs to over winter