Handcrafted Obelisks

A signature range from Tom Chambers, there is a style to suit every garden. From traditional to more contemporary designs, all obelisks are hand crafted here at our factory in the UK.

This is just a selection of our products
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Apsley Obelisk

Height – 2.5m

  • A stunning obelisk with feature finial
  • Designed to create height and impact in a garden
  • Breaks down into two sections, which bolt easily together
  • The perfect structure to use with a variety of climbing plants

Wallington Obelisk

Height  1.68m

  • Stunning obelisk with feature scroll detail
  • Decorative, handcrafted waved finial
  • Adds interest to a garden border

Byland Obelisk

Height – 1.95m

  • Great value obelisk
  • Decorative teardrop finial
  • Handcrafted and plastic coated to give a long lasting product

Nostell Obelisk

Height – 1.6m

  • Contemporary spiral design with new finial
  • Great for use in containers with climbing plants
  • Hand welded and plastic coated

Burghley Obelisk Sage

Height – 1.78m

  • Boutique, sage green finish
  • Elegant, scrolled design
  • Supports a variety of climbing plants

Byland Obelisk Sage (large)

Height 1.95m

  • Stylish and elegant sage green coating
  • Adds height and drama to a garden border

Crooked Obelisk Sage

Height – 1.2m

  • Boutique sage green finish
  • Unique design with crooked uprights
  • Use in a garden border or a large container

Priory Obelisk Sage (large)

Height – 1.7m

  • A practical and decorative plant support
  • Traditional style to add a touch of class to any garden border

Byland Obelisk Grey

Height – 1.95m

  • New, fashionable grey colour
  • Ideal for creating height and impact in a garden border

Nostell Obelisk Grey

Height – 1.2m

  • Decorative, spiral details with fleur-de-lis finial
  • Heritage grey colour  adds style to a garden

Priory Obelisk Grey

Height – 1.4m

  • Decorative plant support with a spiral finial
  • Looks perfect in a large container or a garden border

Nostell Obelisk Cream

Height – 1.2m

  • Wonderful design with a fleur-de-lis finial
  • Boutique style cream finish
  • Adds an elegant touch to a garden

Burghley Obelisk Cream

Height – 1.78m

  • Boutique style cream finish
  • Elegant scroll design
  • Supports all kinds of climbing plants

Byland Obelisk Rust

Height – 1.5m

  • Designed to weather naturally in any garden
  • A stunning rustic feature for any climbing plants
  • Handcrafted from steel

Priory Obelisk Rust

Height – 1.4m

  • Plant obelisk designed to look great all year round
  • Traditional design to give a country feel
  • Will rust naturally over time