We manufacture all our wooden planters with pride using only FSC certified wood. Our range includes rustic wooden trough planters perfect for a variety of plants and the spectacular Garden Herb Planter ideal for a selection of herbs or small plants.

This is just a selection of our products
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Wisley Trough Planter

37cm w x 28cm d x 25cm h

  • Rustic styling perfect for use on a patio
  • Ideal for herbs or bedding plants


Hidcote Trough Planter

57 w x 28 d x 25 h

  • A solid and sturdy trough planter
  • Looks great in a garden or patio

Natures Range Harlow Trough Planter

118cm w 28cm d 26cm h

  • A charming trough planter with rustic styling
  • Large enough for small shrubs or  herbs

Westbury Trough Planter

87cm w 28cm d 26cm h

  • Handcrafted trough planter with detailed rustic log panels
  • Manufactured using high quality sustainable timber

Kelham Planter large

35cm w x 38cm d x 31cm h

  • A traditionally styled square planter with slatted sides
  • Ideal to showcase any planting arrangement including a specimen plant or bedding plants

Yorkshire Trug

43cm w 30cm d 33cm h

  • A pretty and versatile garden basket
  • Solid timber construction with sturdy handles

Penshurst Planter

1.17m w 29cm d 62cm h

  • The perfect planter to create a herb garden
  • Trough section can be removed from the legs

Skye Trellis Planter Small

40cm w x 37cm d x 121cm h

  • An elegant planter complete with sturdy trellis
  • Deep basket holds more compost to aid healthy plant growth
  • Perfect for smaller climbing plants, bedding plants or herbs

Skye Trellis Planter Medium

74cm w x 37cm d x 119cm h

  • A deep trough planter with a classic trellis back section
  • Handcrafted from high quality timber to exacting standards

Skye Trellis Planter Large

100cm w x 37cm d x 121cm h

  • Large planter with trellis panel backing
  • Provides support for climbing plants or shrubs
  • Made from premium quality materials

Herb Planter

97cm w x 44cm d x 1m h

  • A handcrafted and charming herb garden planter
  • Creates maximum growing space for herbs or flowers with easy to access tiered troughs

Lewis Planter Medium

43cm w 43cm d 45cm h

  • A stunning planter with a fabulous shaped rim
  • A fabulous addition to a patio or a garden

Rosemoor Trough Planter

875mm l x 285mm w x 260mm h

  • Rustic styled low planter
  • Handcrafted from FSC® certified timber
  • Perfect for herbs or bedding plants

Nature’s Range Wisley Trough Planter

375mm l x 280mm w x 250mm h

  • Rustic styling finished in our lighter, natural stain
  • Handcrafted from quality timber to give a solid, long lasting planter